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has mothaglubbin arrived
Her Imperial Condescension

i was wonderin if i could get some peeps to come an test a few new betty crocker flavors an shit so i know whats delish an whats shit.

any volunteers. hehehehe

♦♣ )(IC ♠♥

i swear guys in suits are the dumbest shits eva. da fuq yo all thinkin

god damn what do yo need a mothafuckin walkthrough. gfdi

i swear this is the only bad thin about makin crocker corp

so far

♦♣ )(IC ♠♥ 

gfdi u stupid workers this aint how shit goes

♦♣ )(IC ♠♥ 

[[ Btw sorry for suddenly disappearing you two. I 1. Forgot about this blog and 2. Forgot my password/email for it. But I’m back yeeee and I should, probably get caught up on all the shit that’s been happening derp ]]

whoa holy shit all my lovely followas

im sorry fo like disappearin on yo. got real mothafuckin busy with the company an shit! guess what yo

its up an succesful. so hell fuckin yes. more info on dis shyt later hos

condy out

♦♣ )(IC ♠♥


holy shit i just discovered that there are a fuckton a different timelines a myself. thats p sweet. hey all you otha condescensions out there yer all totes my mothafuckin gurls now 3>8)

damn time shenanigans are awesome

♦♣ )(IC ♠♥

[[ I’m sorry for the random post, I just haven’t done anything for a while xD ]]